Why do I require to test my vehicle?

  • As per the Dubai Government, vehicles must undergo vehicle tests to ensure the vehicles are roadworthy.

How long does the vehicle inspection take?

  • On average, it may take between 7-12 minutes to test a light vehicle. The average end to end service time ranges from 20 – 40 minutes, depending on the volume of Customers.

What is the validity of the test?

  • The test certificate issued by the RTA is valid for 30 days from the issue date. You must complete the transaction following the test within the test certificate validity period.

When is the last day I can test my vehicle?

  • The vehicle test can be performed before the vehicle renewal or the expiry of mulkia.

But in order to avoid the penalties (AED 5/per week) upon renewal, vehicle test and renewal should be done prior the mulkia expiry.

What are the things to avoid FAILED vehicle test?

  • Good condition of the lights, tyre and vehicle exterior.
  • Not faded and no damage license plate number.
  • No leakage in any of the functioning parts.
  • Ensure the availability of the following accessories
  • Private Vehicles: Warning Triangle & Spare Wheel
  • Commercial Vehicles: Fire Extinguisher (depends on the vehicle weight), warning triangle, spare wheel and first aid kit. wheel and fire extinguisher (as applicable to your vehicle category) are
  • RTA Approval for all safety stickers & advertisements /permits (if available) should be available. (commercial vehicle)
  • Glass Tint should not exceed 50%.


  1. Dubai Fine (Salik, Municipality, Traffic Fines and RTA Parking) > Can be paid at our AG Cars Vehicle Testing Centre but fines associated with black points can be paid through the electronically channels (Dubai Police Website).

  2. Fines Related to the Other Emirates > Can be paid at our AG Cars Vehicle Testing Centre but fines associated with black points need to be paid through the electronic channel(moi.gov.ae). *Account creation is required using the Emirates ID number.