Comprehensive Testing Service

Are you planning to buy a used car or sell your current car, then we recommend the Comprehensive Test certificate from RTA Authorized AG Cars Vehicle Testing & Registration Centre. Consult the experts before making a decision as your vehicle is a precious asset.

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Extra Day! Extra Freebies! Extra Discounts!

احجز الآن ! العرض لمدة محدودة

استفد من عرض اكسترا السبت المقبل الموافق 29 فبراير بمركز ايه جي كارس لفحص المركبات بالممزر وديرة من خلال حجز موعد لفحص المركبة الخاصة بك  والحصول على عروض اكسترا المجانية والتي تتضمن ( غسيل المركبة ، الفحص الشامل ) وخصومات أخرى في انتظارك.

يرجى الاتصال الآن لحجز موعد، وتقديم الكوبون عند الحصول على  العرض.


Experience EXTRA this coming Saturday, February 29, at our Vehicle Testing Centers located in Mamzar and Deira. Book your vehicle testing with us and get EXTRA FREEBIES (Carwash &Comprehensive Check-up) & DISCOUNT.

Call us now for an appointment and show this voucher upon availing the promo!

Mamzar Branch

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Valentine’s Surprises on your Car Testing and Renewal

Freebies and Discounts on your Vehicle Testing Service

Vehicle Testing/Renewal on Valentine's Day? Why not book an appointment today?

Get sweet deals worth AED 1,680 discounts for your wheels with FREE 4 Car Wash, 23 Multi-Point Comprehensive Check-Up and a GIFT for your loved one.

This promotion is valid only at Mamzar Branch on Thursday, 13th of February from 7AM to 10PM and Deira Branch on Friday, 14th of February from 3 to 10 PM.

Enjoy it once and Call 600 567776 now!

Mamzar Branch

Deira Branch


Cash Discounts for Vehicle Registration and Renewal


Renew and Register your Car Now!

In celebration of 48th National UAE Day, AG Cars Vehicle Testing Centre is giving all vehicle owners a chance to avail our cash discounts on Vehicle Registration & Renewal.
Plus, vehicle owners can also avail more cash discounts every time you purchase vehicle accessories and other services.

This promotion is available at Deira VTC Branch on all Fridays of December and Mamzar VTC until 31st of December 2019.
Drive to our branch near you and check our map below.